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A Collaborative Approach - The Next Steps: Delivering State-wide Cancer Pharmacy Training (#79)

Belinda Morris 1 , Alan O'Kane
  1. Country Health SA LHN, Adelaide, SA, Australia

Aim: To provide equitable access to high quality education on cancer chemotherapy to all pharmacy staff involved in the delivery of chemotherapy in South Australian public hospitals.
Method: In November 2012, a series of Training Workshops were facilitated by Specialist Cancer Pharmacists in South Australia. The workshops were transmitted via teleconference from a base metropolitan hospital; enabling access by pharmacists based across South Australia in both rural and metropolitan areas. Training Manuals developed from a previous South Australian project were used to support the content delivered during the workshop series. The workshops consisted of two lectures covering the theory of cancer, chemotherapy and supportive care treatments, followed by 4 practical sessions covering pharmaceutical care planning and chemotherapy chart verification. Teaching methods included case studies, tutorials and role plays. Participants were asked to complete a feedback form.
Results: 50 pharmacists attended the sessions. 30 participants were based at metropolitan hospitals and 20 in country hospitals. All participants had limited or no previous experience in managing chemotherapy. 75% of participants felt that more material for personal pre- and post-study would have been useful. 100% of participants stated that they valued the workshops, that their knowledge was enhanced and that they would participate in this form of state-wide learning again.
Discussion: In order to meet professional and service standards for delivery of chemotherapy, appropriately trained pharmacists are required. This project shows that high quality education can be made accessible to hospital pharmacists across multiple sites.
Following on from the positive outcomes of this project, a Cancer Pharmacy Operational Steering Committee has been convened whose role is to co-ordinate a review and update of the training manuals, assist with streamlining chemotherapy workflows in SA public hospitals and review of the SA cancer clinical pharmacy workforce.


  1. Morris B, “A Collaborative Approach to Develop a State-wide Chemotherapy Training and Competency Framework for Pharmacists and Technicians” Oral presentation SHPA National Medicines Management Conference, Hobart, November 2011.