Development and implementation of a clinical cancer data collection system in WA — ASN Events

Development and implementation of a clinical cancer data collection system in WA (#220)

Angela Ives 1 , Natalia Lizama 2 , Rhonda Coleman 2 , Lin Fritschi 1
  1. University of WA, Crawley, WA, Australia
  2. CPCN, WA Health, Perth, WA

This evaluation aimed to assess the development, implementation and effectiveness of a clinical cancer data collection system (stage, treatment and recurrence data) in Western Australia (WA).
The evaluation of this system involved the collection of both qualitative and quantitative data. The data collection system and it implementation, were reviewed for:
• Completeness and accuracy of cancer data on stage at diagnosis, recurrence and initial treatment collected;
• Barriers and enablers to implementing the system in WA; and to
• Provide recommendations about the processes for the use of electronic systems to collect clinical cancer data, in Australia.
Numerous delays in the implementation of this electronic system meant that the quantity and quality of clinical cancer data collected was much lower than anticipated. However, the problems that occurred during the implementation process—including issues pertaining to security, governance, communication, state funding of the system’s development and personnel turnover during the development—elucidated a number of key factors that are critical to the successful implementation of clinical cancer data collection systems in other Australian jurisdictions.
This project demonstrated that implementing any new system or process can be achieved but takes a lot of time and perseverance. To establish such a data collection system and repository the following guidelines are suggested:
• Develop a long term data strategy;
• Provide a detailed governance and security plan;
• Develop good communication mechanisms between all personnel involved in development and implementation;
• Engage all key stakeholders; and
• Provide resources, including patience and time.