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Engagement with online cancer support and information platforms in Australia (#268)

Amelia Beaumont 1 , Jenni Beattie 1 , Alex Wain 1 , Gillian Batt 1
  1. Cancer Council NSW, Woolloomooloo, NSW, Australia

Today Cancer Council NSW engages with patients and carers across multiple online and social media channels. These platforms are utilised to deliver cancer information and support services.

This study aims to examine uptake of online cancer support and information, and the successes and challenges of operating in an emerging and competitive space. The study also aims to assess engagement with online supportive care and information options by typically difficult to reach demographics.

In July 2013 the Online Support and Information Audit was performed of Cancer Council’s multiple online platforms (cancercouncil.com.au, cancerconnections.com.au, YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram). The data captured by this was then mapped against the national uptake for each of these platforms.

The demographics of users of online support and information resources were also assessed against typically engaged groups (women, aged 30 to 59, in Central and Greater Western Sydney) across traditionally delivered support service channels (telephone support and information delivered by the Cancer Council Helpline) and novel audiences for cancer information and support services were identified.

The Online Support and Information Audit* showed that, while Cancer Council’s engagement via traditional channels continues to increase incrementally each year, there has also been substantial and increasing engagement with online support and information resources and channels.

The rates of engagement across all platforms examined show that Cancer Council NSW holds a larger than average online market share for non-profit organisation, with upwards of one million unique interactions in the last financial year.

Conclusions – where to from here?
The results of the audit will be used to guide and target online support and information activity, with a particular emphasis on underserviced communities.

*Audit data to be updated according to pre-determined framework throughout 2013