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Bringing Healthcare Home: a patient centred approach to cancer care (#327)

Robyn Wilson 1
  1. Healthcare at Home Australia, Melbourne, Vic, Australia

The Hospital in the Home model of care is consumer focussed, expanding treatment options for the patient and their treating medical specialist. According to the 2008 Cochrane review it is defined as
“a service that provides active treatment by health care professionals in the patient’s home for a condition that otherwise would require acute hospital in-patient care..“
An oncology Hospital in the Home service fits neatly into this definition as cancer treatments can be delivered safely to patients in their own home, offering choice and convenience, while still delivering excellent outcomes.
To deliver cancer treatments and support safely to patients in their home and provide a viable alternative to hospital centred care.
Access to the program was based upon a referral from an oncologist when clinically appropriate, for a patient to receive all or part of their cancer treatment at home.
The services were provided by experienced oncology nurses.
Clinical protocols ensured that the client was clinically eligible for infusion prior to nurse attendance and again prior to infusion. The patient’s oncologist was consulted if the patient did not meet the pre treatment criteria.
The patient’s tolerance and symptom management was assessed each visit by the HaH nurse as part of the intervention program. Adverse findings were reported to the treating oncologist.
All treatments were delivered successfully and safely in the home.
No adverse events were recorded.
No patients withdrew from the program.
100% of patients were extremely satisfied with their care.
The oncology Hospital in the Home model of care proved to be safe and feasible. The patient experience of receiving their cancer treatment at home was overwhelming positive. Along with very high patient satisfaction, Healthcare at Home received positive reports from both the treating oncologists and the visiting nurses.
Deloitte, Economic analysis of Hospital in the Home (HITH), Hospital in the Home Society of Australasia 2011.