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3:00PM - 4:00PM
Hall H - exhibition

ICECREAM: Irinotecan Cetuximab Evaluation and the Cetuximab Response Evaluation Among Patients with G13D Mutation (#328)

3:00 PM
Eva Segelov

We Need a Trial to Evaluate Whether Patients with Involved Inguinal Lymph Nodes Should Have Inguinal or Ilio-Inguinal Lymphadenectomy; an Overview of the Proposed TrialĀ ANZMTG 01.12 EAGLE FM Protocol (#329)

3:00 PM
Andrew Spillane

The CHALLENGE Trial. A Phase III Study of the Impact of a Physical Activity Program on Disease-Free Survival in Patient with High Risk Stage II or Stage III Colon Cancer: A Randomised Controlled Trial (#330)

3:00 PM
Janette Vardy

Efficacy and safety of Ginkgo biloba for cognitive function and fatigue in breast cancer patients undergoing adjuvant chemotherapy: A randomised, controlled trial (#331)

3:00 PM
Haryana Dhillon

Cognitive Rehabilitation for Breast Cancer Survivors with Perceived Cognitive Impairment (#332)

3:00 PM
Haryana M Dhillon

NSW Bowel Cancer Care Survey: Population-based assessment of patients cancer care coordination needs and preferences (#333)

3:00 PM
Ivana Durcinoska

Accrual to a Randomised Trial of Whole Brain Radiotherapy in Melanoma Brain Metastases is Feasible. (#334)

3:00 PM
Gerald Fogarty

Health Related Quality of Life in Mesothelioma (#335)

3:00 PM
Jason Fowler

Can a Complex Intervention Targeted at the Community and at Health Care Providers Reduce the Total Diagnostic Interval for Common Cancers in Rural WA? (#336)

3:00 PM
Victoria Gray

ANZMTG 02.12: A Phase III Trial of Imiquimod Topical Treatment Versus Radiotherapy (#337)

3:00 PM
Pascale Guitera

Efficacy and Cost-Effectiveness of a Telephone Outcall Program to Reduce Carer Burden and Depression Among Carers of Cancer Patients [PROTECT]. Rationale and Design of a Multi-State, Multi-Centre Randomised Controlled Trial (#338)

3:00 PM
Trish Livingston

The Impact of Seizures on Cognition and Health Related Quality of Life in Primary Brain Tumours. (#339)

3:00 PM
Zebunnessa Rahman