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Medication Adherence  (#26)

Christine Carrington 1
  1. Princess Alexandra Hospital, Brisbane, QLD, Australia

Patient adherence to any medication regimen is critical to treatment success. Treatment adherence to a self administered medication is dependent on many factors including the cost, duration and complexity of the medication regimen. Adherence is also influenced by the extent to which the patient knows or understands what the medication is for and when it should be taken. If the patient does not understand how to take the medication, then non-adherence to a medication regimen is not a surprising result
This presentation will focus on methods available to assess what the elderly patient actually understands about the medications they take in relation to cancer and its therapy and how this can influence medication taking behaviour. The use of the repertory grid as a tool to provide insight into what individual patients understand about their medications will be discussed and how these insights can be used to influence medication understanding and ultimately medication adherence for cancer patients.