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Freddy Sitas

Cancer Council NSW, NSW, Australia

Freddy Sitas BSc, MSC(MED), MSC(Epidemiology), D.Phil(Epidemiology) joined Cancer Council NSW in 2003 as Director of Cancer Research Division. Previously, Freddy headed the South African National Cancer Registry. The Division focuses on local and international causes and consequences of a cancer diagnosis. He holds Associate Professor positions at the Schools of Public Health at the Universities of Sydney and of New South Wales. He is the Principal Investigator of the Cancer, Lifestyle and Evaluation of Risk (CLEAR) study, and one of the founding members of the 45 and Up Study. Research interests include setting up large epidemiological infrastructure studies, and the role of infections and tobacco on cancer. In September 2013, he was awarded the AG Oettlé Memorial Medal for his contribution to cancer research.